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July 9, 2005 by MisfitChicks
The thought occured to me while DJing recently at the Country Club. I was sitting there watching the "other half" have their little function and several truths about the business started to filter in my brain. Things that I think are universally true about the profession.
That and my Jerry Springer type life, I should have a decent book on my hands. All I need now is time to write it and the proper inspiration.
I've been looking around my life lately. It's becoming alarming clear to me that I'...
December 7, 2004 by MisfitChicks
VH-1's Big In 04. You can miss this show. It's a trainwreck. The jokes were lame. The host...questionable. And the nominations. Awful.
What's the sudden fascination with "reality" TV? Are we this bored? You want reality? Go outside.
Highpoint of the show for me was Maroon 5. Truly. I adore them. But something seemed "off" with Adam's voice that night.
Still, it was Maroon 5. I'm digging their music lately.

I had a longer rant in my head. But I've lost the ability to express it.
I'm stil...
September 24, 2004 by MisfitChicks
Lately, I have noticed that being a "redneck" is something to be proud of. Seems to be. Blue Collar TV, Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson. Being a "redneck" seems to be the title to have.
I'm not saying it's bad or anything, just saying it seems to become trendy. And that's so far away from traditional redneck, it ain't funny. I don't care who you are. Git-R-Done.

I'm still Djing. But I am seriously considering moving away from here. Only a few of my friends have been told I'm making the plan...
June 19, 2004 by MisfitChicks
Well, the smoking ban finally did what I thought it would. I got let go due to lack of business. Same week, I lost one of my DJ jobs cause the boss thought he was well enough to start up again. (He wasn't...explain in a bit). car decides to break. Timing belt and I had a valve cover leak.

Picked the DJ job back up cause the boss was not well enough to go back. In fact, he damaged himself further by trying to do too much too soon. Not that I wanted to get the job back that way, but ...
May 19, 2004 by MisfitChicks
Joss Wheadon. Such a bloody genius, such an idiot!

And to make it fun, I'm so irritated I can't type correctly! Oy.

The end of Angel was tonight. Yes. I know they are discussing movies. But for a series should have been least 2 hours. But he didn't give Buffy a two hour ender, why would he do it for Angel. And to end it like that!!! Bad Bad and not good.
I am not the least bit amused.
For those who missed the end. Wes-Lyndsey-Hamilton. All dead. Wes killed by Cyrus ...
May 16, 2004 by MisfitChicks
I'm watching Charmed on the WB...when an ad for their new series "Superstar" comes on. Basically the premise is this. They send all the people with talent home, and keep the less talented singers for amusement.
Since when did humilation become entertainment? Granted, pratfalls and the like have always been amusing, but at least the actors knew what was going on. Three Stooges (sp?) are an excellent example. Those guys knew what they were doing, if they looked silly..they intended to.
These po...
May 16, 2004 by MisfitChicks
80's night. It was fun. I attempted to get Tina hair and ended up with Belinda. (Turner and Carisle respectivly).
I added alot of glitter. Ya know, that funky spray glitter you can get at Halloween time. Anyone I hugged this evening has glitter on their shirt. That amused me. One friend of mine has a jealous girlfriend. She knows me, but will still give the poor guy the 3rd degree about where that glitter came from.

It's now 3AM. Well...almost. 5 minutes til. I should wash this stuff out o...
May 15, 2004 by MisfitChicks
Tonight. I DJed for a local bar, participating in "Senior Week". Seniors gather in various places to party it up their last week at college. Seniors or not. Drunk is drunk. And not fun for sober people.

Currently, I am up due to finishing up some discs I'm making for give aways at an 80's night at Penny's tomorrow. I want certain things. Anyone else would chose the same 20 songs that seem to be on every 80's compliation disc ever made. Not me. I'm a freak and a one hit wonder queen. So. Al...
May 8, 2004 by MisfitChicks
I should go to bed right now. I took some NyQuilland just a moment ago, regained both my ears. (They were plugged up)  Butno. I'm up talking to my best friend via Yahoo messenger. God love the internet.Really. I can stay in touch with my pal, and not run my phone bill skyhigh. 

    Ofcourse, this type of communication is really detrimental to my hand writingskills. I have nice hand writing. Or at least, I used to. Now, I'm a typingfiend. I can type faster than I write...
May 6, 2004 by MisfitChicks
I've been sucked in. Although I have to work tonight, I'm taping the very last episode of Friends.
It wouldn't seem right to miss it. My friends and I would all get together on Thursdays, with a mess of junk food-sometimes some drinks and watch together.
It was fun. Of course, ten years have gone by. I don't live in the same place anymore. If I did, I bet we'd still be getting together tonight and watching.
Friends was a good series. And it's nice to see them going out on top. We'll still s...
May 2, 2004 by MisfitChicks
ARGH. Day 3 of my days off. And one would think I would catch a break and be left alone.
Not so much.
So, I had to get up and take boyfriend to work this morning at 8:30. No. I wanted to sleep in. But of course, he doesn't appear to care what I want too much. And really, that's the way it is with him.

And let's not start discussing the kid. He has two. One is 16. He's fine. Typical teenager. Wants to hang out with pals and talk to girls. But the 12 yr old.
Oy. Never have I seen someone ...
May 1, 2004 by MisfitChicks
Well, I had 4 days off in a row. A rarity for me. So far, 2 have spent wandering about running errands, helping other people and basicaly trying to fix things around the house. Not a fun way to spend the last 2 days.

Has anyone else been following Stephan King's Kingdom Hospital? A most awesome show, if not strange. But that's part of the charm. I really should go get that book. I am fascinated with that show now. I can't wait for the next episode. And Andrew McCarthy...always been a hottie. ...
April 26, 2004 by MisfitChicks
Although...I have been busy. STILL trying to figure out the conversions of CDG to DVD. I'm gotten to converting from CDG to Bin files. Now what?
Tons of info out there. But sorting through the crap...takes time. Something I have precious little of.

So, my car blew up...sort of. Head gasket. Not pretty.
My washing machine is leaking and the refridgerator is also heading towards the grave.
So...lots of things gone wrong all at one time. Not very nice.

As you can sorta guess, I'm stressed....
April 7, 2004 by MisfitChicks
I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger.
Haven't a clue what the paper hanger's job is really...Just know I'm busier than he is.
My darling boss has a new project for me.

Oh and it's a dooozy.
DVD has reached the karaoke world. 450 songs on one disc.
You can see why this interests my boss.
Well. I have a DVD burner. He came up with the great idea of buying one of these systems, and a few discs.
And what ever the discs don't have that he does, we're gonna transfer that to a DVD...
March 30, 2004 by MisfitChicks
Well. The dilemma. I have both computers running now.
I've gotten a ton of stuff done. BUT. Personal pleasure pursuits, like blogging have taken a back seat.

Also. It's been nice outside. Really nice. Spring may have sprung.
I'm still going to wait another week or two to say it for sure. Just to make sure I see no more snow flakes.

I'm tired. I think I'll break my habit of going to bed at 4AM and go now. Ack. 11:10.
An apocolypse may be approaching.

Night kids.
The Misfit Chick